Club’s fees

All members need to pay some fees to the Oulun Kickboxing Ry and license as well as insurance –fees required by Finnish Kickboxing Federation.

All payments are payed to Oulun Kickboxing ry’s bank account, except the Finnish Kickboxing Federation license, which is payed to the Federation’s bank account.

We accept the following payment methods:

Basic course:
  • The fee of basic course includes all needed payments for the duration of the course
  • The course lasts for approximately three (3) months
  • The price of the course is 90€, students 75€
After the basic course has been completed, the following payments are due:
  1. Club’s membership fee (at the start of the next calendar year after the basic course)
  2. Training fees according to belt grade
  3. Finnish Kickboxing Federation license (insurance)
The Club’s membership fee

Everyone, who trains in our lessons, need to pay the membership fee. The fee’s due date is annually Jan 31st.

Membership fee: 15€ / year

We kindly request you to pay the membership fee separately. Therefore we can keep our bookkeeping in order with the membership fees and the maintenance of membership records is easier.

Training fees

Training fees are payed since 2022 as below. You may also pay the whole year, which is considerably cheaper than paying in smaller periods. If you wish, you can pay per month, three months or six months at the time.

White-, yellow- and orange belt members
Fee Rate per month
1 month 35,00€ 35,00€
3 months 90,00€ 30,00€
6 months 150,00€ 25,00€
12 months 240,00€ 20,00€
Green belt and higher belt grade members
Fee Rate per month
1 month 17,50€ 17,50€
3 months 45,00€ 15,00€
6 months 75,00€ 12,50€
12 months 120,00€ 10,00€

Same training fee allows members to attend all lessons arranged by the club, also to the fitness kickboxing –lessons.

Fitness Kickboxing

For Fitness Kickboxing, you can buy training cards from the gym, where the training lessons are marked. There are two different kind of cards for sale; 5 and 10 times –cards. You can pay these similarly as the other training lessons; to the bank account upfront, after that you shall get a training card from the gym in exchange of showing the receipt, or by cash / Smartum notes at the gym.

Fitness Kickboxing member do not need to pay the membership fee, but by paying it, one can get good discount and other benefits!

Fitness Kickboxing prices since Jan 2016:

  • 10 times card: 50€, members 35€
  • 5 times card: 30€, members 20€
  • Membership fee 15€ / year (voluntary)
Finnish Kickboxing Federation passport

The Finnish Kickboxing Federation passport is the official document, which has the qualifications for belt grades, competitions, participating in Kickboxing –events, trainings etc.
The passport should be obtained well before the yellow belt qualification test. More information can be found on this web page..

Please pay the club’s fees to the following bank account:
Receiver: Oulun Kickboxing Ry
Account number IBAN: FI59 5742 3120 0196 05

Remember mention in the message field the payments you are paying. For example: ”Orange belt 3 months 2022” or ”membership fee 2022”

Training fees can be also payed by using Smartum exercise notes, TYKY –notes and Sports pass web payment.
When using Smartum notes as payment method, the fee must be payed in person in the training lessons.

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