Kickboxing basic course

Are you interested of kickboxing as a sport and you are looking forward to join the basic course? From this page you will find all the essential information needed about the basic course.

Oulun Kickboxing Ry arranges mainly two basic courses during spring season and two during autumn season. We inform about starting basic courses in these web site, Facebook and Twitter. We accept new participants within a week from the start date and even later if the person has some previous experience.

The basic course includes all the techniques needed to graduate the yellow belt and after 20 training sessions one can decide if he/she shall participate to the yellow belt graduation ceremony or continue training with the advanced course. It is not mandatory to graduate the yellow belt but it will measure person’s ability to learn and the higher the belt rank, our training fees are lower.

The basic course along with kickboxing is suitable for all persons with basic health conditions regardless of age. If you suspect that your health condition might be an issue, you should consult your local doctor before starting kickboxing.

Young participants aged 12-15 years are already in suitable age range for practicing the basic techniques so that the techniques are safe and possible to perform. On the other hand, adult participants are warmly welcome as well to our members. All our trainers have qualifies as instructors, so they have the expertise to make the lessons suitable for everyone.

Basic course is mainly focused in practicing the kickboxing basic techniques and on the side, one will get into better shape! No contact is made in the basic course but the techniques are performed on opponent gloves, kick-mitts or thai-mitts. During pair-techniques, the larger and in better shape participants know how to take into consideration the opponent training level. During the basic course, one part of the training is to get into better shape. Also the coach is responsible of reminding this.

The most important thing on the practicing kickboxing is to have fun, which might results in a very long term training of kickboxing! For the basic course, only needed equipment are drinking bottle, sports shorts/pants and t-shirt. Everyone shall do their best during the technique- or muscle shape training according to their personal level. Nobody is required to push over their personal limits, unless the person him/herself wants to.

Basic course is training in their own group. The belt rank graduation ceremony, where members can test their own skills, are organised twice a year. This way members can choose their own pace to advance.

The focus in basic course is to learn the basic techniques and getting into better shape. Basic techniques must be practiced regularly, regardless if person has been practicing kickboxing for 2 weeks or 20 years.

Techniques are practised in thin air to achieve balance, improve motor skills and getting in better shape. Explosive power and accuracy is practised into different equipment, like in kick-mitts and thai-mitts. The big kick-mitts are used during the course frequently, so the “feeling” for the real kicking is started to achieve very early. Jabs are practised also in mitts, which are familiar from boxing and into thai-mitts, familiar from thai-boxing.

Oulun Kickboxing Ry’s training lessons also include volunteer sparring, which is not mandatory to participate. Additionally, during the basic course, contact is light. Many members are training kickboxing because of its versatility and a good way to stay in shape. During the training lessons, an option for not to spar is always given to participants.

The basic course fee includes the membership fee of the current year. After the course is finished, training fees are paid according to the belt grade. Finnish Kickboxing Federation requires all members to have the license and insurance, details can be found from the fees -page. Finland Kickboxing Federation provides insurance for the duration of the basic course. More information about insurance can be found here (in finnish only).

In Oulun Kickboxing Ry, we always respect each other and everyone is given the freedom to practise exactly how they want to practise.

Techniques included in the basic course

During the basic course, techniques are practiced enough to be able to participate in the yellow belt graduation ceremony. During the course, also some advanced techniques can be taught.

Yellow belt (5.Kyu)

Basic requirements

  • At least 20 training lessons
  • Basic behaviour at the training gym
  • Taking care of personal hygiene

Sparring stance

  • Both right and left side


  • Both sparring stances in all directions using ball of the feet


  • Opponent left jab block with right hand
  • Opponent right jab block with left hand
  • Low kick thigh-block with front foot

Jabs (technique performed while standing still)

  • own head height
  • both hands

Kicks (technique performed while standing still)

  • Front kick, waist height, both front and back leg
  • Roundhouse kick, waist height, both front and back leg
  • Low kick with back leg

Jab combinations (own head height, techniques performed both while standing still and moving forwards)

  • Two jabs (left-right, right-left)
  • Three jabs (left-right-left, right-left-right)
  • Two front jabs with same fist + backhand jab

Kick combinations (Height as in individual techniques, performed while standing still)

  • Versatile combining of all kicks required by yellow belt grade

Block- and punch combinations

  • Opponent left jab block with right hand + own left jab
  • Opponent right jab block with left hand + own right jab

Jab and kick combinations (Height as is invidiual techniques, performed while standing still)

  • Versatile combining of all jabs and kicks required by yellow belt grade

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